Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade

For over a century, USD has provided wastewater services that improve water quality and protect public health for the Tri-Cities. The District is responsible for operating and maintaining over $669 million worth of assets. We plan carefully to maintain, rehabilitate, and replace infrastructure in a way that delivers optimum value for our customers while maintaining compliance with increasingly stringent treatment standards.

As we meet today’s challenges, we also prepare for tomorrow’s. Although USD’s infrastructure is well-maintained, portions of our Union City treatment plant date back to the 1960’s. Major components of the plant are reaching the end of their useful life, will be unable to treat wastewater to meet future government requirements, or do not meet current seismic standards. Additionally, successful water conservation practices and a growing population in our service area have resulted in higher solids volumes and concentrations in wastewater, making it more complicated and costly to treat.

USD developed the Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade (ETSU) program to serve as a roadmap for the treatment plant’s infrastructure over the next 40 years. It considers impending regulatory requirements such as nutrient restrictions, site layout possibilities, and capacity needed to meet the General Plans of the cities served. The ETSU Program is not intended to approve any individual phase or project, but to identify the proposed plan and projects USD intends to pursue, subject to further review during a formal decision-making process.

Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade Final Report

Appendix A - Effluent Management Study

Appendix B - Secondary Treatment Process Improvements

Appendix C - Building Evaluation

Appendix D - Real Estate Acquisition Management Plan

Appendix E - Summary of Projects from Previous Studies


ETSU Phase 1 Program



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