Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade

The largest capital improvement program in USD’s history will soon be underway at the Union City wastewater treatment facility. The District’s Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade (ETSU) Program Phase 1 projects are scheduled to begin construction in late 2021, launching a program that will ultimately support the next 40 years of reliable and cost-effective service to the Tri-Cities. The projects will renew and replace aging infrastructure, improve water quality in the San Francisco Bay through enhanced wastewater treatment processes and nutrient removal, and increase the facility’s resiliency to extreme wet-weather events and climate change.

Below is a “flyover” video demonstrating the planned improvements and a Progress Dashboard displaying Phase 1 activities.

The aerial image below shows what the treatment plant is anticipated to look like upon completion of the program. The major phases of the program highlight which portions of the treatment plant are included in each phase.

Aerial Overview

ETSU Phase 1 Program


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