What is the FOG Program? 
Union Sanitary District (USD) maintains the public sewer system serving your business and is required under state law to implement a comprehensive fats, oils and grease (FOG) control program to prevent the discharge of FOG into the sewer system. FOG from restaurants or other food service establishments (FSEs) is a major cause of sewer line blockages and spills. The sewer spills often enter the Stormwater drain system and waterways, becoming a significant cause of pollution in our waterways and ocean. 

What should I do in the event of a sewer spill?
If you witness a sewer spill or see evidence that a spill has occurred please contact your appropriate agency at these Spill Emergency Numbers. Following the FOG Program Rules and Regulations will reduce the possibility of a sewer spill. 

Who is required to submit plans for USD’s plan review? 
Any person or entity planning to develop, remodel, or build a food service establishment, including food processing or manufacturing facilities, should submit plans for review. See the Attention Food Establishment Owners page for information.

Why do I need to submit plans to USD’s plan review? 
USD’s review of Food Service Establishment plans is required to ensure the new (or modified) facility meets current FOG Program rules and regulations. 

Does the USD regulate garbage disposal or food grinder usage? 
Garbage disposals or food grinders are not allowed in food service establishments

Can dishwasher drainage be connected to the Grease Trap or Interceptor?
No dishwashers are to be connected to drainage pipes conveying wastewater to an interceptor or any other grease removal device. (Note: the dishwasher pre-rinse sink must be connected to the Grease Removal Device)

Does my facility require a Grease Trap or Interceptor?
All Food Service Establishments shall be equipped with grease interceptors and/or grease traps designed to limit the discharge of grease and oil to the District’s sewer system. The size and type of Food Service Establishment and review of the completed Food Service Permit Application and copy of menu shall dictate which grease trap or grease interceptor is required. The minimum sizes specified are subject to review and approval by the District Engineer. 

What size Grease Trap or Interceptor is required? 
Non-grease intensive Food Service Establishments, such as delicatessens, bakeries/donut shops, ice cream/frozen yogurt shops, pizza parlors and other Food Service Establishments with limited cooking that do not contain deep fryers, grills or other cooking equipment, will require in certain applications a 200 lb. grease trap.

Grease intensive Food Service Establishments such as a Mexican, Indian, Chinese, or Buffets, will require an outside grease interceptor installed with the minimum liquid capacity of 1500 gallons. In given situations, or applications, the next larger sizes may be required due to the nature of the usage.

Designation as a grease or non-grease intensive Food Service Establishment are subject to review and approval by the District Engineer.

Are there any special type or configuration requirements for the Grease Interceptor or Trap? 
The Grease Interceptor configuration must provide access for maintenance and inspection of the inlet, outlet and baffle tees and should include a sample box. Grease Interceptors shall be two compartment interceptors as shown in the Standard Details (Click here) and shall be manufactured by Jensen Precast (Click here) or approved equal.

The Grease Trap configuration must provide access for maintenance and inspection of the inlet and outlet tees and baffles. Grease Trap shall be two compartment acid resistant coated interior and exterior fabricated steel grease traps as shown in the Standard Details 200lbs. (Click here) and shall be manufactured by Zurn (Click here) or approved equal.

Grease Removal Device type and configuration are subject to review and approval by the District Engineer.

Which fixtures/drains are required to be connected to the Grease Trap or Interceptor? 
All potential grease bearing fixtures and drains (cooking equipment drains, pot sinks, 3-comp sinks, mop sinks, dishwasher pre-rinse sinks, prep sinks, floor sinks, floor drains) in the food preparation, cooking, and cleanup areas of the facility are required to be connected to the Grease Removal Device. 

Which fixtures/drains should not be connected to the Grease Trap or Interceptor?
Drainage from automatic dishwashers or restrooms should not be connected to the Grease Removal Device (Note: the dishwasher pre-rinse sink must be connected to the Grease Trap or Interceptor)

How long will the USD’s plan review process take? 
We make every effort to review and process your plans as quickly as possible and plan reviews are typically completed within ten business day, sites with special conditions or constraints will take longer. 

Will my food service establishment be inspected? 
Yes. Soon after your facility begins operations, a USD Inspector will conduct an inspection of your facility to assist you with your understanding of the Program. Routine FOG inspections are then conducted on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance with the FOG Ordinance 38 rules and regulations. 

Is there additional FOG Program information available? 
Yes. For more information you can contact the FOG Coordinator at (510) 477-7630. 

What do I do, if I have questions about or want to pay or appeal my City of Fremont Citation?
If you have questions about a citation you received, contact the Citation Processing Center at 1-800-989-2058. Please have your citation available. Otherwise pay the citation within 21 days of issued date or request an appeal hearing. Failure to pay the citation within 21 days will result in fines doubling. You may pay by mail or online by going to If you are paying by mail, make a check payable to City of Fremont for the citation amount and insert into the blue envelope received. You may appeal by phone at 1800-989-2058 or online by going to

 All payment should be sent to:

City Of Fremont
Citation Processing Center
P.O. BOX 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479 



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