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USD's Pollution Prevention Environmental Programs mission statement is "to meet the wastewater management needs of businesses, residents and contractors in the area of water quality regulation and public education (sanitary sewer and storm water discharges), in order to protect the integrity of the sewer system and reduce pollutant discharges from the District's service area into San Francisco Bay"

"What is Pollution Prevention?"

Pollution Prevention is a choice; a choice to make a difference in how we as individuals conduct day to day activities. Pollution Prevention in its simplest terms means preventing pollution before it begins by making a conscious effort to change the way we normally do specific activities and projects.

"What does this mean to me?"

Too often, many of us look for the easiest and quickest method to complete a task without ever considering the potential environmental pollution that we may have created. Although federal law regulates the actions of businesses in regard to pollution-causing activities, true pollution prevention begins with the efforts of individuals.

"How can I learn about Pollution Prevention or help do my part to prevent pollution?"

The Union Sanitary District Environmental Programs have staff dedicated to informing the community about Pollution Prevention. This web page is just one of the tools that we use to promote pollution prevention to the communities we serve, and is designed to provide valuable information about the latest pollution prevention materials and programs. Select the following for

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