USD Construction Projects

Union Sanitary District has plans and specifications for advertised Capital Improvement Projects available for viewing in pdf format. The digital format does not supersede the requirements for bidders to purchase a hard copy of the plans and specifications.

USD utilizes eBidboard, an online service which provides current information on the District's construction projects that are out to bid. Links to USD's advertised projects, digital plans and specifications, and bid results on eBidboard are located on the right hand side of this page and as viewed below.

Union Sanitary District's construction projects are advertised in the local newspaper and with several Builder's Exchanges.

Current Construction Projects

Chemical Tanks and Piping Replacement Project #800-463
The sodium hypochlorite chemical storage tanks along with their associated piping and chemical metering pumps are utilized in the final effluent disinfection process at the Alvarado Wastewater Treatment plant.  Read More >>

Fremont and Paseo Padre Lift Stations Improvement Project #800-444
The District operates several small lift stations to convey wastewater in the gravity sewer system to larger pump stations that, in turn, transport wastewater to the Alvarado Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Read More >>

Headworks Knife Gate Valves 1-3 Replacement Project #800-480
The project will replace the existing knife gate valves and flanged coupling adapters on the three 42-inch diameter influent wastewater pipelines that transport wastewater from the District's major pumping statings to the Alvarado Wastewater Treatment Plant's Headworks process.  The knife gate valves are critical   Read More >>

Newark Backyard Sanitary Sewer Relocation Phase 3 Project #800-459
This is the final phase of the project to improve the existing sewer system within the residential neighborhood located northerly of the intersection of Diary Avenue and Cherry Street in the city of Newark.  The existing sewers have very flat slopes and require frequent and expensive maintenance.  Read More >>

Plant Facilities Improvements Project #800-448
Various equipment and facilities at the Plant and the Newark Pump Station are in need of rehabilitation, replacement, or modification in order to improve the Plant and Pump Station’s operation and maintenance. The project consists of the repair of the lining in the 60-inch primary effluent pipe between the primary clarifiers and Lift Station No. 1;  Read More >>

Sludge Degritter System Project #900-468
This project will include the installation of a new Sludge Degritting System and associated piping, valves, fittings, and controls along with a shaftless screw conveyor to transport dewatered grit to the existing grit hopper.

Thickener Control Building Improvements Project #800-394
The Thickener Control Building was originally constructed during the 1978 Plant Construction Project.  USD staff determined that the scum and sludge pumps, valves, weir gates and various electrical components inside the control building needed to be replaced due to age, obsolescence and/or maintenance problems.  Read More >>


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