Awarded Bids

Bid Number Project Vendor Amount Award Date
RFQ #S-17-S-236 Cleaning of District's Control Box No.1  and Alvarado Pump Station Wet Wells All Bids Rejected- exceeded project budget. 0  
RPF #S-17-S-238  Professional Auditing Services Lance, Soil and Lunghard(LSL) $106,005.00


IFB #S-17-S-237  Cleaning of Digester #3 and Secondary Digester #2 Synagro $128,950.00 3/24/17
IFB #S-17-S-241 Trenchless System and Equipment LMK Technologies LLC $146,389.72 5/19/17
RFQ #S-17-S-240 On-Site Ergonomic Training Briotix $5,912.34 5/19/17
IFB #S-17-S-239 Digester Gas Treatment Vessel Media Replacement Prominent System Inc $320,992.00 7/21/17
IFB #S-17-S-242 Two Joint Encapsulating Couplings Bid Cancelled and rebid 0  
RFP #S-17-S-244 Executive Recruitment Services CPS-HR $23,500 7/19/17
IFB #S-17-S-243 Printing & Mailing of Annual Newsletter  Fong and Fong Printers and Lithographers  $39,507.53  7/24/17





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