Groundwater Discharges

USD’s Groundwater Program

All reasonable alternatives to sewer disposal, such as legally permissible reuses, must be explored before discharge will be approved. When no other alternative for disposal of groundwater exists, USD may issue discharge permits for:

  • Groundwater from site remediation projects
  • Groundwater encountered during excavation

This Permit is a conditional Discharge Permit and approval of discharge is dependent upon available capacity in the sewer.

For specific requirements, limits, and fees for a groundwater permit please access the Groundwater Reference Sheet.

Groundwater Discharge Permit Application

Completed applications, supporting documentation and the processing fee(s) must be sent to:

       Attention: Groundwater Discharge Permit Application
Environmental Compliance Team
Union Sanitary District
5072 Benson Road 
Union City, CA 94587


Discharge is subject to all conditions of Ordinance 36.04 section 2.03 & 2.04.




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5072 Benson Road

Union City, CA 94587-2508

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