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Fall 2023

USD's Plant Upgrade Improves Water Quality
Budget in Brief
Fiscal Year 2024 Sewer Service Rates
East Bay Dischargers Authority: Regional Partners Protect the Bay
Keep Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Out of Your Drains!
Sewer Lateral Questions? Watch Our Video for Useful Information
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Fall 2022

USD's ETSU Projects Begin
Budget in Brief
Fiscal Year 2023 Sewer Service Rates
Trenchless Technology Reduces Impacts to Customers
Keep All Wipes Out of Your Pipes
USD's New Look and Nickname: Same Great Service


Fall 2021

Breaking Ground on the Future: USD's ETSU Projects
Fiscal Year 2022 Sewer Service Rates
USD Seeking Funding for Ratepayer Assistance Program
What Does It Take to Treat Wastewater Every Day?

Budget in Brief

Avoid Sticky Situations: Keep Starches Out of Your Drains
Sewer Lateral Questions? Watch Our Video for Useful Information


Fall 2020

Residential Rate Increases Collection Postponed
Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade (ETSU) Program Update
Wastewater Based Epidemiology - The New Frontier of Public Health: Covid-19 in Wastewater
Did You Know? Just Because Something Can Go Down the Drain, Doesn't Mean It Should
Avoiding Sewer Overflows: USD's Excellent Record


Fall 2019

Managing Nutrients in the San Francisco Bay

Budget in Brief

USD's Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrades Projects

Easy Ways to Protect Your Sewer and the Environment

Sewer Lateral Questions? Watch Our Video for Useful Information


Fall 2018

USD's 100th Birthday: Celebrating a Century of Service

Budget in Brief

Pollution Prevention Tips

Did You Know? Interesting Facts About USD

Find USD on Facebook and Twitter

Is Your Sewer Lateral Healthy? Take a Look with a Video Inspection


Fall 2017

Master Planning: USD Prepares for the Future

Budget in Brief

Join Our 100th Birthday Celebration at our Centennial Open House

Did You Know? Environmental Tips

Sewer Problems? Call USD at (510) 477-7500

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Keep Your Sewer Lateral Healthy and Save Money


Spring 2016

USD Considers The Future of Recycled Water

Trenchless Technology Reduces Impacts to Customers

Budget in Brief

Keep Your Sewer Lateral Healthy and Save Money

Did You Know? Environmental Tips


Spring 2015

USD's New Cogeneration Facility

Treatment Plant Open House

Budget in Brief

Caring For Your Sewer Lateral

Did You Know?


Autumn 2013

USD - A Public Utility

Board Responsibilities and Meetings

Where Does Treated Wastewater Go?

USD's Laboratory Staff

USD's Mechanics and Electricians

How USD Protects Public Health - You Can Help!


Autumn 2012

USD's New Solar Facility

Infrastructure Projects

Plant Operators Serve The Tri-Cities 24/7/365

Award-Winning Training Program

Street Markings - What They Mean


Spring 2011

USD Doubles Up On Top Honors

What In The World Is This?

Plant Tours

Taking Care Of Your Sewer Lateral

USD Green Projects


Autumn 2009

USD Stays Lean, Goes Green

Capital Projects Protect Your Infrastructure

USD's Budget: Low Rates, Great Value

Green Projects and Activities


Autumn 2008

Sewers Are In The News

USD's Environmental Compliance Team

What Happens To Wastewater?

Safe Medicine Disposal

What's On Our Website


Autumn 2007

Hayward Marsh: Wetlands From Wastewater

USD's Labor-Management Partnership

What It Takes To Treat Wastewater

Getting Ready For Emergencies

How You Can Help The Environment


Winter 2007

USD's Statewide Award

Operations and Maintenance Teams

Pollution Prevention Program

Value For Your Utility Dollars

About Our Fees

Less-Toxic Pest Control


Spring 2005

The Quiet Utility

USD's Classroom Education Programs

Collection Services Teams

USD's Mission: Being Accomplished

Keep Grease Out Of Your Sewer Line



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