Green Business Program

As a business, is your bottom line green? Do you know how you can receive free business promotions, increase operating efficiency and profits, and learn how to reduce waste and utility costs?

As a customer, do you know that you can encourage businesses to follow strict environmental compliance regulations by patronizing certified Green Businesses?

The Green Business Program is a voluntary partnership of government agencies, professional associations, utilities, businesses, and the public. The Program helps businesses to comply with environmental regulations, and then go beyond compliance to conserve energy, water and other resources, and reduce pollution and waste. Currently there are 492 Green Businesses in Alameda County. 

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Green businesses are promoted in a variety of ways, including newspaper and journal articles, exhibits at community events, and ads in the yellow pages and at BART stations. The Green Business partners work together to assist, advertise, and patronize businesses that operate in an environmentally responsible way.

Union Sanitary District supports the Green Business Program by providing on-site compliance assistance, coordinated inspections, and free promotions for Green Businesses. In addition, USD inspectors actively recruit businesses to participate in the program. 

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For more information on how to get Certified as a Green Business, visit the web page at Green Business Program or contact Union Sanitary District.



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