Alvarado Influent Pump Station Improvements Project

USD Project Manager: Thomas Lam
Contractor: Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
Awarded Contract Amount: $8,890,660
Estimated Completion Date: October 2021

The objective of this project is to replace or rehabilitate the Alvarado Influent Pump Station's mechanical and electrical equipment and structural assets that have reached or are near the end of their useful lives. The project will include the replacement of wastewater pumps and piping, variable frequency drives, isolation valves and gates, supply and exhaust fans, and electrical switchboard. The project will also include the seismic retrofit of the pump station building's structure and interior platforms, replacement of the building's roofing, and repairs of the building's interior reinforced concrete.

The project includes the following scope of work:

  • Replace the five existing wastewater pumps, piping, valves, and variable frequency drives
  • Replace the pump station's electrical switchboard
  • Replace the pump station's head gate and the hydraulic power unit
  • Replace the channel bar screen gates and wet well isolation gate
  • Replace the pump station's supply and exhaust fans
  • Perform seismic retrofit to the pump station building


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