Board Elections

District Ward Boundaries and Representatives

(Note: All representatives for Ward 3 are elected “at large” and are not from specific parts of the City of Fremont.)
The Ward Map is here.

How Your Board Members Are Elected

  • Union Sanitary District Board Members are elected to four-year terms.
  • Members from Ward 1 and 2, and one Member of Ward 3 are up for election in 2024 and every four years thereafter.
  • Two Members from Ward 3 are up for election in 2026 and every four years thereafter.
  • Board Member elections occur as part of the California Primary Election held in even-numbered years. These are scheduled to help reduce the cost of elections to our ratepayers.
  • If no one chooses to run against an incumbent, that incumbent will automatically be reappointed to her/his seat on the Board, will not appear on the ballot, and will serve a new four-year term.
  • If a vacancy occurs before a Member’s term expires, the Board may hold a special election to fill the vacancy or may appoint an individual to fill the seat until the next California Primary Election (even-numbered year). If choosing to fill the seat by appointment, the Board will conduct an open recruitment, and may select a candidate after conducting interviews.
  • Qualifications for serving on the Board include residency in the USD service area and being a registered voter.
  • If you are interested in a Board Member position, please contact the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Office.


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